Perfect Example

Yesterday I put up here an example of what should happen in a coverage drill. Today we see a video of what we do and what we need to work on. Please have the girls watch the first minute of yesterday's video a few times. then analyze this video- we can discuss Wednesday night.


coverage Drill

I only watched the first minute of this video.
I found at least 4 key plays within that minute.
Girls please watch and be able to explain what those key points are tonight. This one minute video (it's really much longer- but not necessary for tonight's questions) will show where to go on court for coverage. Please be ready to discuss and practice.

Attacking Transition Drill

his drill should be watched and as doing so, please remind the girls to pay attention with the transition off the net. I am most concerned about transitioning OFF the net at this point. Wednesday we will cover transitioning off the net some more- to staty out of setter's way. We will also go over a cover drill, so the girls are familiar with the court when we "hit" the ball. I need to have everyone watch this video as many times as need be to understand where they transition off the net from and To. Some of the girls have dual positions- but in essence, I would like all the girls to watch and see where every player goes in this drill. If there are questions, please call - 414-840-3874

I'm still working on others fro homework this week.